Individual Tax Compliance

We can assist with:

  • Preparation and submission of local personal income tax returns of high net-worth individuals and designated senior employees of corporate clients.

  • Preparation and filing of the annual Form IR8A (Return of Employee’s Remuneration) or tax clearance Form IR21 (Notification of a Non-Citizen Employee’s Cessation of Employment or Departure from Singapore).


Providing review of completed forms to ensure that remuneration paid to the employees are properly reflected in their respective forms.

Preparation and filing of tax returns.
  • Including high net-worth individuals and expatriates under tax equalisation programmes.

  • Assisting clients to file and obtain tax clearance prior to their departure from Singapore.

Perform tax briefings to ensure that expatriates are aware of their tax obligations and the tax implications arising from their assignment.

Reviewing basis and file objections against tax assessments by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ("IRAS"), if required.

This can involve meetings and negotiations with the IRAS.  Where necessary, we will work with tax lawyers during the process.

Voluntary compliance initiatives.

Assist with application for IRAS’s Voluntary Disclosure Programme to mitigate penalties. Where necessary, we will work with tax lawyers on the application process.

Manage IRAS audits and investigations.

Includes assisting with negotiations with the IRAS to seek practical solutions to tax issues. Where necessary, we will work with tax lawyers during the process.