Service Offerings for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI)

We are well equipped to assist HNWIs to set up and maintain their family offices as well as assist in the maintenance of their personal asset holding structure including their tax affairs.

Family Office

Corporate structure of Family Office in Singapore

  • Advise on appropriate corporate structure via a Singapore investment holding company taking into account Singapore regulations.

  • Assist to set up and implement the corporate structure of the family office.

  • Assist to interview suitable candidate/s to manage the family office (where required).

  • Maintenance of corporate structure after implementation:

      • Corporate secretarial services

      • Accounting services

      • Payroll services

      • Corporate tax compliance services

Investments of Family Office

  • Advise on the procedures and steps to be taken to transfer selected overseas assets to Singapore.

  • Assist with further work related to potential investment/s (where required), such as:
      • Support discussions and negotiations with vendor

      • Financial due diligence

Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation Services

  • Advise on appropriate mandate based on objective for establishing the charitable Foundation.
  • Assist to set up Charitable Foundation.

Residency and Citizenship Planning

We can assist in the application for Permanent Residency / Singapore Citizenship.

Family Disputes

Inheritance Disputes

  • Attend meetings to facilitate discussions amongst beneficiaries (if required)

  • Compute fair distribution of the Estate’s assets in accordance with instructions in Will.

  • Assist to implement the divestment (if required) and / or distribution of the Estate’s assets, including advice on tax impact and other potential impact of divestments or distribution of assets.

Divorce Proceedings

  • Advise on the financial implications of the divorce such as:

    • Analysis of matrimonial assets and liabilities

    • Computation of alimony and child support (if applicable)

    • Tax impact related to divestment and distribution of matrimonial assets (where applicable)

  • Litigation support – Prepare financial documentation required by lawyers for legal proceedings

  • Assist to implement the divestment (if required) and / or distribution of matrimonial assets in accordance with the divorce settlement.