Training for employees is essential to ensure that employees are fully equipped to perform their roles and discharge their responsibilities optimally. Employees should not only be trained and kept up to date with their technical skills. They should also be trained on the importance of their role and contribution to the organisation on matters such as internal controls, corporate governance, and risk management of their company.

We offer training in the following areas:

Internal Controls

  • Importance of internal controls

  • Corporate governance

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Roles of management and staff participation in risk assessment and maintenance of adequate controls

Compliance with regulatory guidelines / requirements

  • Technology Risk Management Guidelines issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).

  • Business Continuity Management Guidelines issued by the MAS.

  • Goods and Services Tax and compliance obligations of businesses operating in Singapore.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Services offered:

  • Provide workshops to employees to promote risk-awareness culture.

  • Develop customised ERM framework and processes specific to the organisation’s risk profile.

  • Assist in the documentation of the ERM framework and processes.

  • Assist in designing tools and process for monitoring the organisation’s risks.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s ERM process.